Login error!

Posted by: sookinhenri

Login error! - 06/02/2011 21:01

Hey guys, sometimes when I login it says logged in up the top but the moment I click a topic it logs me out... is this a known issue, am I doing something wrong or is it just something that happens to me?

Posted by: KevD

Re: Login error! - 06/02/2011 21:25


Can be to do with cookies - you need to make sure you have cookies enabled for WZ - one good thing to do is to delete any cookies you have for WZ and then accept cookies for this site. If you want to stay logged in the click to remember you on your computer smile
Posted by: sookinhenri

Re: Login error! - 06/02/2011 21:48

Hmm, ok I'll have a play around.. Thanks smile