Weatherzone Silver

Posted by: Andrew

Weatherzone Silver - 20/10/2003 15:42

Can someone from The Weather Company advise if you plan to launch the new Weatherzone Silver and what differences will there be compared to the current Weatherzone?
Posted by: anewts

Re: Weatherzone Silver - 20/10/2003 15:52

The info re: Weatherzone silver is explained under this topic

Posted by: Mark Hardy

Re: Weatherzone Silver - 21/10/2003 13:40

A summary of Weatherzone Silver features at present are:
Animating satellite images for all states
High resolution visible satellite images
Water vapour satellite animation
Overlay radar over satellite imagery
Current obs overlay on satellite imagery
50 frame radar animation
Lightning tracker
A totally revamped current obs section with more sophisticated queries and climatology comparisons.
New model graphics
Model generated meteograms
Totally revamped forecast pages with improved navigation.
Agweather forecasts
A fire weather section
and more stuff yet to be confirmed for launch.
Silver is where most of the development effort will be going forward so you can expect regular upgrades to the offering.

Items that will be changing in the free Weatherzone are:
Lightning Tracker will be no longer available
Radar animations limited to 1 hour
Observation history limited to 24 hours
GASP, LAPS and MESOLAPS will be no longer available.
Convective outlook moved to Silver
More details on the Weatherzone Silver related changes will be detailed in a full pre-release description that will be published on the WZ home page in the next couple of weeks.
Posted by: bora

Re: Weatherzone Silver - 21/10/2003 16:46

Can't wait for the weatherzone Gold product laugh

When advertising for the new product perhaps the slogan should be(as used by amex for their platinum card)

"Weatherzone silver..its not for every one but your just not any one!"..that should make people feel important enough.

any way on a serious note its a pity that some of the previously free stuff will go..but I suppose there are bills to be paid a with a lot of good hard work gone into making this product so enjoyable for a weather buff like myself.