No radar totals

Posted by: When I Pour, I Reign

No radar totals - 08/07/2008 20:10

I can't get any rainfall totals or colored blobs when I click on radar/rain. Is it just me or something to do with upgrade? Thanks!!
Posted by: Andrew Miskelly

Re: No radar totals - 08/07/2008 20:20

The replication of data from our office to the websites is running around two hours behind at present.

This is because we're running on a backup internet connection due to unforeseen delays with having our primary connection relocated to the new office we moved into on the weekend. The backup link is struggling for bandwidth today.

We have initiated a temporary upgrade of the backup with the ISP but we're at their mercy with respect to time frames.

The data should catch up within the next few hours and hopefully the upgrades to the link will take place tomorrow.
Posted by: When I Pour, I Reign

Re: No radar totals - 08/07/2008 20:23

Thanks Andrew for the explanation...I'll check back in a few hours.