MH - gotta resist that urge to give in to the cold grin

Actually the first time a fire or good heater goes on is usually a time to make everything feel nice n cosy. Later in the season you wouldn't even bother heating at the same temp grin

Couple of warm days coming up on Monday Tuesday (same days as us but you will be slightly cooler).

Make the most of those 2 mid 20's days - I reckon they are quite likely your last pair like that until next Spring/Summer.

After the next change late next week - I think you will struggle to get much past 20 or 21 degrees during the days.

I reckon late next week is a seasonal step down - certainly for up here, we have a 30 forecast next week, really looking forward to getting down more in the low 20's after next week too. smile

Nice to see some precip in the SE yesterday etc.

SF - was the fire for the customers or you - big sook!!!! evillaugh