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A mathematical method for predicting solar cycle activity has been discovered.
This lecture is really worth watching. The scientist/presenters accent is a little difficult at times, but that should not stop anyone watching the full hour lecture.

In short, the method has been able to accurately predict the historical solar cycles without observational inputs. They have also used the method to predict upcoming cycles and find that we are very close to the next grand solar minima. Starts in 2020 and runs through until about 2055. From what I can see compared to other minima it will be short and intense. From the end of this solar minima we will return to a period of warming as part of another 350-400 year cycle. She also discusses, super grand minma on longer scales.

The peak of this event will be 2028-2032.

This is very interesting and must see viewing for those genuinely interested in solar weather and its affects on our climate.


Lisa Upton quotes some of Zharkova's work in her Solar prediction videos as well.

Some insight into how the Electric Universe/Plasma cosmology works based on Jupter's Aurora and Birkeland currents.